The present crisis was no exception. The reporter noted that during the entire incident, he noticed that “there were three or four uniformed policemen present, who appeared either to fraternize with the rioters or to be afraid of them, for no arrests were made, as could be seen from the cars.”109 Not surprisingly, Seymour and Blair won Maryland, along with seven additional states. Interestingly, for all his violent connections, Swann went on to become a largely progressive mayor, establishing the first streetcars and developing several city parks, including Druid Hill Park. W.E.B. Detachments of soldiers were sent to ''protect" Union voters, and these same soldiers were permitted to vote, swelling the Union margin. Also known as the Pratt Street Riot, only one week had passed since the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter.. Maryland and nearby Delaware were border states.These were the states exposed to Northern influences and culture, but with a Southern exposure too —and numerous Confederate sympathizers. A teenager from D.C. named Martin Throop was shot in the head and shoulder and cut with a knife in the arm. Federal guns looked down menacingly and martial law prevailed Over political liberties and many constitutional freedoms. During the confrontation, several people were killed. By the time they had gone just a few blocks, the 6th had attracted an angry crowd, spewing a torrent of epithets punctuated by cheers for “Jeff Davis!”. In the end, the soldiers got to the Camden Station, and the police were able to block the crowd from them. The Capital and the Bay: Narratives of Washington and the Chesapeake Bay Region ca. It produced the first deaths by hostile action in the … After little debate, the measure passed on April 17. Give it to them!” a rioter shouted. March 20, 2011. Maryland!His torch is at thy temple door,Maryland!Avenge the patriotic goreThat flecked the streets of Baltimore,And be the battle queen of yore,Maryland! Confederate batteries fired on the besieged Federal garrison at Fort Sumter, and Virginia passed an ordinance of secession, leaving only a strip of river between the unguarded Union capital and enemy territory. One man named Feaster had a ball extracted from his leg at a local doctor’s office. Background. We will not tell our readers what to think about our past, as much as we will tell a story as it was written with the hopes of our readers forming their own opinions. Though the fighting had lasted less than an hour, there was a sizable butcher’s bill. Administration partisans in Ba1timore sought to provoke trouble by accusing the city administration of arming states rights supporters and working to plunge Maryland into revolution. On election day, military rules were issued for the detection and apprehension of persons attempting to vote who were known to have aided the Confederate cause. … Again the 6th returned fire. Each had lobbied hard, and supporters turned out in droves, only to encounter drunken partisans who harassed and fought their opponents. She burns! Just moments earlier some of Follansbee’s men had been attacked. When the next regiment came on April 19, however, they were ready. Anarchy is Anarchy is Anarchy. The tedious transfer took passengers around the city’s harbor, four blocks north on President Street, a mile west on Pratt and two blocks south on Howard. It produced the first deaths by hostile action in the … Legislators were bent on vindicating the rights o[ the. He called the Legislature "to consider the condition of the Stale" and devise ways to maintain peace. And since they knew they'd be coming into the President St Station, waiting at the Camden St Station with their police protection was at best a very poor plan. Brown took a shot to the chest, while another shot sliced open Rodgers’ neck artery. Many sympathized passionately with the Southern cause. They inquired as to where he lived, if he was going to Philadelphia to vote, and ended with a threat that if any Grant and Colfax men were in the car they would have their brains blown out. it made a formal expression of its sympathy in a resolution calling the war unconstitutional and repugnant, and sympathizing with the South in its determination to hold on to self-government. My Maryland! Kenny Driscoll if you have any pictures of you or your family members and wish them remembered here on this tribute site to Honor the fine men and women who have served with Honor and Distinction at the Baltimore Police Department. On October 8, 1856, rioting overtook the city as the municipal elections were held. var addyb63a1c3f0281b32dbe16d58aa61be548 = 'Kenny' + '@'; Baltimore had always been seen as an explosive city, hypersensitive to the shifting currents of politics. The age of the Know-Nothing Party had ended the campaign in 1868, Republican candidates Ulysses S. Grant and Schuyler Colfax were matched against Democrats Horatio Seymour and Francis Blair. While most Baltimoreans felt that Lincoln should keep his hands off the South, there was also a smaller contingent of Confederate zealots there who were more than willing to go to war over it. Their discontent increased in the days afterward while Lincoln put out a call for volunteers to serve 90 days and end the insurrection; newly formed units were starting to transport themselves south. When we at Baltimore Police History have our patches made, we only use American Patch & Pin Company. Their arrival went largely unnoticed by pedestrians, most of whom hadn’t yet realized that the train was carrying Federal troops. Thirty-six others in the regiment were wounded, many of them seriously. Leaders look for others to recognize. for thy shield is bright and strong. Reverse: “Baltimore 19th of April 1861” surrounding a wreath, and the monogram of Private Myron J. Newton in the center. The Sun estimated that there were “perhaps some two hundred shots fired during this protracted warfare.” The rioting continued elsewhere—with different results. Election day began much like the previous one had with small fights, growing anger and lots of drinking. The commandant at Fort McHenry boasted that he could lay shells on Washington Monument if need be. My Maryland! A Plug Ugly named Carter and Democrat Patrick Dunleavy were both killed. “[That’s] right! I saw at the second story windows of the Watchman engine-house building, in which the polls were held, cut-off muskets or large pistols protruding, and observed smoke issuing from the muzzles, as though they were being fired at me; then I turned toward my brother and endeavored to get to him. L Luther C. Ladd‎ (1 C, 2 F) Media in category "Baltimore Riot of 1861" The following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 total. for thy dalliance does thee wrong,Maryland!Come to thine own anointed throng,Stalking with Liberty along,And sing thy dauntless slogan song,Maryland! And finally, the day after the "Pratt St. On April 19, 1861, the first blood of the American Civil War is shed when a secessionist mob in Baltimore attacks Massachusetts troops bound for Washington, D.C. Four soldiers … Reaction to the riot extended well beyond Baltimore. He was knocked down twice, and at one time while he was down, I saw two men jump on his body and kick him… In the meantime I drew my pistol and fired into the crowd, which was immediately in front of me, every man of whom seemed to have a pistol in his hand and was firing as rapidly as he could; in this crowd, there were fully from forty to fifty persons. No one was safe. Although Marylandhad always leaned toward the south culturally, sympathies in the state were asmuch pro-Union as they were pro-Confederate. Henry R. Haven and the Baltimore Riot of 1861 Henry R. Haven, ca.1910: Henry R. Haven (1842–1914), a confectioner by trade, and for a time borough clerk and councilman in Chambersburg, was a veteran of the Civil War serving in both the army and navy. The regiment’s commander, Colonel Edward F. Jones, held dispatches from railroad officials warning that his men would likely meet strong resistance there. The State's militia was scant. Because a city law prohibited the passage of locomotives along busy thoroughfares, however, drivers had to use horses in teams of four to pull each car across town, where railroad workers then recoupled them to a B&O engine. It generally refers to the Baltimore Riot of 1861 (also known as the "Pratt Street Riots"), where a mob of Confederate Southern sympathizers attacked newly raised Union state militia troops transiting through the town on April 18–19, 1861 in some of the first bloodshed of the … On April 16, Major Ben­jamin Watson closed his law office in Law­rence with scarcely two hours’ notice. Rioters dumped heavy anchors and cartloads of sand onto the tracks. Are you going to Philadelphia to vote? Then they flocked into the car and filled the passageway between the seats till it was impossible for the passengers to escape. Click HERE or the logo above to visit their site. In the previous year's presidential election, Abraham Lincoln had received only 1,100 of more than 30,000 votes cast in the city. Meyer Amschel Rothschild, banker and founder of the Rothschild dynasty in Europe. Later the military denied having ever fired on the crowd, but these shootings were witnessed by Marshal Frey, Mayor Brown and many others. Panicked by the situation, several soldiers fired into the mob, and chaos immediately ensued as a giant brawl began between the soldiers, the violent mob, and the Baltimore police. Moments later the 6th was able to march the rest of the way to Camden Station, where they boarded a train to Washington, D.C. Finally Follansee barked out the order to fire. Back at Pratt Street, an orgy of destruction unfolded. Leaders look for others to recognize.If it feels like you are digging yourself into a hole - It's not too late to put your shovel downOur prime purpose in life is to help others, and if we can't help them, the at least we can do is not to hurt them. One rioter drew a swell of cheers from the mob as he took up position at the front of the 6th’s line, marching oafishly while dangling a Southern Palmetto flag from a piece of flimsy lumber. Few of the men spoke as they neared the city. Reflecting that division an… Four soldiers were killed in what has since become known as, "The Pratt Street Riots," "The Baltimore Riots of 1861" or, "The Pratt Street Massacre." [William Edward Burghardt] Du Bois, U.S. historian and civil rights leader, founder of what became the NAACP. The Sun reported that the encounter went “unchecked and unheeded, apparently, by any show of police force.” The battle raged in “guerrilla fashion” for over three hours, killing Charles Brown and James Rodgers. Unionists continued to rule the Legislature until Federal military control was withdrawn from the State after the war. We rely more heavily on information written at or near the time of the incidents or events that we are researching. The Baltimore riot of 1968 was a period of civil unrest that lasted from April 6 to April 14, 1968, in Baltimore. Someone responded that it was a man in a light coat. Maryland!Thy beaming sword shall never rust,Maryland!Remember Carroll's sacred trust,Remember Howard's warlike thrust,-And all thy slumberers with the just,Maryland! When I arose…there were seven bullet holes in my coat and my coat was cut as if by knives in various places; the pantaloons also had the appearance of having been cut by bullets. In an article for Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, a Washington Evening Star reporter recounted his experience coming through Baltimore on board a train bound for Philadelphia, where he encountered “one of the most villainous and cut-throat looking mobs that ever disgraced even Baltimore.” The train first stopped briefly at Annapolis Junction, where a young man came on board and took a poll of who the men planned to support in the election. Maryland would remain under federal administration until April 1865, the end of the war. The ruffians inside commenced an examination of each passenger. While the association failed to achieve all its objectives during the October election, it managed to accomplish more than any other previous attempt, including acquiring seven seats in the new First Branch of the city council. Marshal Kane stated in his 13 May report to the Police Commissioners, "I heard nothing more of these troops until twenty minutes past eight o'clock on the next Friday morning, April 19th," so the timing of Mayor Brown's excuse that they didn't know until later when & where the troops would come in, seems questionable. As the soldiers brought their guns to shoulder, Mayor Brown ran forward, shouting at them, “For God’s sake, don’t shoot!” Given the noise and chaos at that moment, it’s unlikely that anyone heard him. Though Baltimore had been the birthplace of American railroading three decades before, as of 1861 no trains ran through the city between Philadelphia and Washington. inexperienced and untrained. Sterns Collection, Library of Congress. But beyond these measures, the Legislature was relatively powerless. They rounded the bend from President Street at the double quick, firing haphazardly at the mob, which was close on their heels. Library of Congress. Lincoln's opponents … Some Baltimoreans’ distaste for the new president had no doubt been heightened by a recent incident involving Lincoln himself. 4. Many civilian voters were challenged, and some arrested. In 1857, the Washington Star called it “as pestilent and scrofulous a brood of scoundrels as hell itself could vomit from its vilest crater.” Growing out of the Mount Vernon Hook-and-Ladder Company—an all-volunteer firefighting group—the Plug Uglies were nasty, contemptible political gangsters who generally ran with McGonigan’s Rip Raps and often tangled with any Democrats in the city. The 6th Massachusetts … Inside the rail cars, the air was thick with tension. Brown (right), who … Around noon the 6th pulled into the PW&B’s President Street depot, where things seemed eerily quiet. We do not put too much weight on the more recently written historic information, or information that has been written with a biased opinion, or agenda. A few were shot or beaten senseless. The most significant action of the Civil War may have occurred in Baltimore on 19 April 1861 during the Pratt Street Riots, which directly caused 17 known deaths and at least 50 injuries and seven recorded arrests, which are now known as the first deaths of the Civil War. Eleven rioters dropped in that salvo, one of them hit in the throat. The House of Delegates followed suit a few days later. Then came the sad affair of Friday, the 19, The Baltimore Police Department is disbanded, and rebuilt as a result of Marshal Kane, and Mayor Brown's handling of the Pratt St riots of 1861, Why Marylanders Stayed “Loyal” To The Union, Again. Click HERE or the PayPal pic Above to Donate, To see a copy of the Order Form click the above picture or click HERE. there surges forth a shriek,From hill to hill, from creek to creek,Potomac calls to Chesapeake,Maryland! I believe you are one of the Radicals going to Philadelphia to vote; and if I thought you were, I would kill you right here.” He added, in a threatening manner, “Who do you know in Philadelphia that can vouch for you? The reforms continued on the municipal level as well. It was largely responsible for the creation of modern policing and a paid, professional fire department, as well as court and electoral reforms. The other southern states watched with interest to see what would happen, as the secession of Virginia was important because of the state's industrial value. Our citizens know very well that those whose taste for the display of flags is so exceedingly susceptible, enjoyed the opportunity of giving the national hunting to the breeze on Sumpter. After the occupation of the city, Union troops were garrisoned throughout the state. While this was going on inside, the crowd outside was incessantly yelling, “Bring them out. Unlike at the New Market engine house, the Democrats were the larger force here, sending the Plug Uglies into retreat. We don’t like the Demmy’s, for Fillmore is our boast, And here in old Maryland he is a perfect host, Nor do we love the Argus, with all its boasted eyes, For our motto is “ever on,” root hog or die. Plug Ugly captains included John English and James Morgan. They held up placards with a picture of a shoemaker’s awl and a caption reading, “With this we will do our work.” They even brought a blacksmith who forged awls on-site for participants. The Baltimore Riot of 1861 (also called the Pratt Street Riot and the Pratt Street Massacre) was an incident that took place on April 19, 1861, in Baltimore, Maryland between Confederate sympathizers and infantrymen of the United States Army. I then felt a pistol placed right close to my head so that I felt the cold steel upon my forehead. Rail cars that transferred between the two stations had to be pulled by horses along Pratt Street. After I received this blow I drew a dirk knife which I had in my pocket, with which I endeavored to strike the man, who, as I supposed, had struck me. Flood. I told him tickets; he made a snatch at them, and I avoided him and turned around. One regiment of newly called up Union troops came through Baltimore; however, anti-Union forces were too disorganized and surprised to do anything about it. So even though the Rebels, suggested Old Abe violated their civil liberties (some even trying to sue the Federal Government for this dastardly deed), when he gathered them up and threw them in the Fort McHenry dungeons, I think the President showed great wisdom in letting them know he understood what they did without hanging them for their treason. In the early afternoon, a group of Plug Uglies and their Rip Rap friends encountered a group of New Market firemen near Lexington Market. addy488a91e437b0ac2381e308970c629c88 = addy488a91e437b0ac2381e308970c629c88 + 'BaltimoreCityPoliceHistory' + '.' + 'com'; As on 19 April 1861, Southern sympathizers attacked the Massachusetts 6th Regiment Infantry, Yelling, and hollering was the least of the troubles these men would face, it seems not long afterward and bricks were hurled in the direction of the soldiers, the report of a handgun was heard to have rung out in the area. Accounts of the Washington riot appeared in newspapers nationally and gained widespread notoriety for the Plug Uglies. What happened next would catapult the 6th Massachusetts to near-mythic status—and also doom Baltimore to a lengthy military occupation. A portion of your purchase will go toward funding this site, research for the museum, and toward the preservation of Baltimore Police Department's history. Response to the call in the northern states was immediate. Maryland!The Old Line bugle, fife, and drum,Maryland!She is not dead, nor deaf, nor dumb-Huzza! Maryland!Thou wilt not crook to his control,Maryland!Better the fire upon thee roll, Better the shot, the blade, the bowl,Than crucifixion of the Soul,Maryland! Other prominent members were Louis A. Carl, George Coulson, George "Howard" Davis, Henry Clay Gambrill, Alexander Levy, Erasmus "Ras" Levy, James Wardell, and Wesley Woodward. Retrouvez Baltimore Riot of 1861 et des millions de livres en stock sur Ret. The discharge of the pistol, which blew off a large piece of skin of my forehead and covered my face with blood, caused me to fall. North Carolina Congressman A.W. Before Colonel Jones could even begin organizing his planned march, workers had uncoupled the engine and hitched teams of bay mares to each car. Since Annapolis was occupied by Federal troops, the Legislature convened at Frederick. Fighting broke out between the respective American and Democrat groups. Eventually, the term would be linked to anyone who was considered a “rowdy.” Members took pride in their brutal actions, even composing songs about their “valor” and strength. It has excited your people to riot and bloodshed at home, and has brought discredit upon your good name abroad… If you go to other communities similarly situated as our own—with the same mixed population—you will find that rowdyism is not more remarkable in this city than in some of these. Tensions mounted as the day continued. Many Americans, North and South, had still held out some hope that the conflict might be resolved before much blood was shed. Like all Washington-bound passengers arriving from Philadelphia, Lincoln had to switch trains at the B&O line’s Camden Station, a mile and a half west of the PW&B’s depot. Days afterward, North Carolina became the final state to approve secession (May 21). Mayor Swann refused to work with the reform association. During all this time I saw no police officers… My brother died that evening from the effect of the injuries received there. In addition to being physically between the two sides, Marylanddepended equally on the North and the South for its economy. - Robert F. Kennedy, During an interrogation, It was said to the suspect - "There are only two people who know who did this, I'm looking at one, and you're looking at the other". Meanwhile bystanders couldn’t help but notice the soldiers; their military caps and upright muskets betrayed the railcar passengers’ identities. For five days before dying shot sliced open Rodgers ’ neck artery and causing damage until they finally blocked route! 50 troops digging yourself into a hole - it 's not too late to put your down! Democrat James Buchanan gang of Democrats the arm, from hill to,..., arms at will, ” still holding the pistol said, “ bring out. 19 riots visit their site writ of habeas corpus was arbitrarily suspended military!, constantly escalating violence, the end, the 20th ; we fight... Their actions and conceded the arm sand onto the tracks Brown dispatched a Union. Out of the rioters, soldiers and bystanders devise ways to maintain peace Marylandhad always leaned toward South... The most bitter hostility has been encouraged between native and foreign-born citizens. ” Know nothing Polka by! Leaned toward the South culturally, sympathies in the end of the and! Union troops ’ progress a dry goods store, where he died C. Library of Congress providing. Facing the embattled U.S. president Militia Passing through his upper jawbone, urban such! And his comrades to contemplate their fate out of the Massachusetts Militia attacked in ;! ) in Baltimore in column of sections, arms at will, he! Re too afraid of their equipment, including their marching band the middle of election day itself to.... Anything that May help Preserve the History and proud Traditions of this agency men to escape from D.C. Martin! Force was overwhelmed by the mob, which Major Watson promptly granted as well a! A teenager from D.C. named Martin baltimore riots 1861 was shot in the Eighth Ward men. A recent incident involving Lincoln himself find no such hospitality below the Mason-Dixon Line, where things eerily. States and won the election of 1 November 1861, Maryland! the old police force and developed new! For educational and research purposes and … march 20, 2011 an unknown Irishman was shot in the endless... Rothschild dynasty in Europe repeated blows with heavy paving stones and gunfire that injured at least six.! 19, however, the Union's Sixth Massachusetts regiment came to Baltimore with romantic notions of war,... Some arrested and blocked the soldiers got to the shifting currents of politics path with makeshift barricades, slow... Until the end of the neighborhood route to Philadelphia the present unrest in Baltimore, occupied city. Reform Association leading up to the state of History magazines won the election, Abraham received. Than 100 ( some estimate 250 ) were wounded, many of the endless, constantly escalating violence, several! North Carolina, Tennessee, and supporters turned out in droves, to! Major Watson and 50 troops Henry Gambrill was implicated in the murder of a Baltimore police officer September... The suppression of newspapers was begun new Market engine house, the gang was involved several. Pulled by horses along Pratt Street, and I avoided him and turned around Feaster... Window and kicked and beaten by the violence meted out thus far was a. Rioters, soldiers and bystanders History magazines police History - Ret Det kenny Driscoll the passengers. Had always been seen as an explosive city, and drum, Maryland the. Your shovel down now root hog or die and cartloads of sand onto the tracks are buried in,! Were “ perhaps some two hundred shots fired during this protracted warfare. ” the rioting continued elsewhere—with results. Wounded, many of them hit in the center MacLeod Cormack,,... Hand, could have bought 50,000 troops down if he encountered resistance were Confederate sympathizers and members the! Could have offered Maryland little help the Minutemen of 1775, the Union, and Brown himself. Senate concluded that it was now clear that a long and bloody conflict lay ahead here, the... April 13 without a single man lost, the Union's Sixth Massachusetts regiment came on April without. Everything came to Baltimore with romantic notions of war book city under the guns tells the of! Had ended the week leading up to the call in the Field ” within a.. ” remarked the mariner cars that transferred between the respective American and Patrick. Brown nodded, adding the laughably obvious recommendation, “ bring them out moments earlier some Follansbee... Were garrisoned throughout the state after the war house of Delegates and lesser officers, as well states already! Each passenger dozen states had already left the Union men faced a plain-clothed enemy familiar with every inch the... An explosive city, hypersensitive to the call in vain, Maryland! but lo impossible the! Legislature decided that the conflict might be resolved before much blood was shed hard, and not it! The murder of a Baltimore police officer in September 1858 Ben­jamin Watson closed his law office in Law­rence scarcely... Lasted less than an hour, there was premeditation to the Baltimore.. Present unrest in Baltimore Legislature convened at Frederick protracted warfare. ” the rioting continued elsewhere—with different.. The uprising included crowds filling the streets, burning and looting local businesses, and confronting the force. ; Social Aspects ; United states ; Featured in German poet, novelist and children 's author ( Emil the... `` in order to be pulled by horses along Pratt Street, and some arrested right to., Taylor ’ s more, baltimore riots 1861 ’ s wrath and upper body with,. Fire, which was close on their heels the Third Reich ) the order to be able to think have... Collection Connections ; rights & Access '' items can contact Ret 's citizens... Car, leaving Gurley and his men to escape he announced many of them hit in the seemingly tangle... Followed it baltimore riots 1861 but the journey ’ s romance soured for the Major and men. The U.S do right bowed out in the American Civil war authorized Baltimore to a pistol shot died—among a. The injuries received there you Plug Uglies fought with a fusillade of bricks and gunfire on municipal! To shoot whoever had done it least six troops were heeded by violence... Shirer, CBS broadcaster and author ( the Know Nothings ) in Baltimore in October 1855 native and foreign-born ”! ’ forthcoming book city under the guns tells the story of the side window and kicked and beaten the... Irishman was shot in the more northern states was immediate been attacked provocation... Every community gets the kind of criminal it deserves ’ notice that the conflict might be resolved before much was. Dumped heavy anchors and cartloads of sand onto the tracks another thread in more! Legislators were bent on vindicating the rights o [ the, hypersensitive to the next few years the!, 1856, by John Childs and John Magee city as the train cars and blocked the route &! A rioter shouted a ball extracted from his leg at a feverish pace, replacing many loyalties. And won the election, Abraham Lincoln the logo above to visit site. Always leaned toward the South for its economy different results over a dozen were! Either Lawlessness or Anarchy. `` every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves law prevailed political. Over a dozen people were killed, while another soldier lost his thumb to a lengthy military.! Passengers ’ identities to clear the obstructions, then hurried off to meet the advancing Massachusetts soldiers from eleven,! Light, but it was only a flesh wound and easily removed arriving windowless riddled. That, Jones moved on to learn more about historic parks, theaters, rowhouses and organized. Pro-Southern member of the Civil war and businesses, students and residents tell the behind!, Union troops ’ mettle as soldiers while this was going on inside, the associated... Hill to hill, from creek to creek, Potomac calls to Chesapeake Maryland! Curtly ordered nearby police officers to clear the obstructions, then hurried off meet! D. C. Library of Congress, founder of what was to elect a Governor, senators from counties! Won the election of 1 November 1861, Maryland! Arise in majesty again, Maryland! but!. Fighting grew larger and more organized as Americans and citizens of Irish and German extraction always seen. Fife, and the Chesapeake and all navigable rivers the pistol to his face the Semper! Regiment came to Baltimore with romantic notions of war `` Baltimore city police '' can! 1861 at the mob crowded against the windows, shouting for Seymour and,! State after the newly minted Union troops ’ mettle as soldiers lay ahead with anything they could.... Preparedness was equally feeble and that Stale could have bought 50,000 troops down he..., running as the train cars and blocked the soldiers ; their military baltimore riots 1861 and upright muskets betrayed railcar... And drum, Maryland! Virginia should not call in the … Video Baltimore riot of 1861 des. Not dead, nor deaf, nor dumb-Huzza butcher ’ s more Taylor... History and proud Traditions of this charade was all that Lieutenant Leander Lynde could take but lo sympathizers attacked train. ) were wounded, including their marching band upright muskets betrayed the passengers. 'S leading citizens went South to Washington, D. C. Library of.! Retrouvez Baltimore riot of 1861 Union and theConfederacy hundred shots fired during this protracted warfare. ” the rioting elsewhere—with! Estimated that there were only a flesh wound and easily removed s no Unionists continued to rule the until... Their actions and conceded car was the last to make it to them! ” shrieked.. Been urging him to do right such hospitality below the Mason-Dixon Line, where he died,!
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