It can get a bit muddy, but From the Notification Bar, make sure Mobile Data in Enabled. During call the mobile data automatically disconnected (4g+). BTW, I'm from the Philippines and no carriers supports VoLTE. We want your phone working properly. During a phone call I attempted to toggle to my Web browser and received a message saying that mobile data services were not available during a call, that WiFi had to be enabled. This allows you to not only make WiFi calls, but also perform other activities, such as stream media but use less data. However, it is still important to track your mobile data, and here are some reasons why: How Data is Used. How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Phone for Beginners is an interactive video guide created by our GVG Development team, which consists of several Samsung Galaxy users of all ages and backgrounds that worked to develop a video guide that teaches the basics on how to use your Galaxy smartphone. You do need to reactivate advanced calling on your device in order to be able to do this. Not both. I've noticed that I can't be on a call and do anything over my mobile data. Select Make a Video Call to dial the call. When enabled, caller will hear one ring, then forwarded to voicemail. Please help to fix this issue. Data roaming is a nifty little trick for carriers to charge through the nose for data use outside of their coverage by letting you use other carriers networks. Only resumes when the call end. Interestingly, if I use Airplane Mode, caller will hear That radio can only be used for voice calls OR data. Your phone will switch between the two uses depending on what you're doing, but when you're on a call the phone can't use mobile data. Many phones and devices break down the different types of data usage. You will need to go to: Settings> Cellular>Enable LTE>Voice and Data. Why cant i use mobile data during a phone call?? Enter the number of the Bell Video Calling subscriber you want to call. So, if you have the Voice option on in Waze it will be giving directions over the call conversation. Note: If a video call cannot be set up, you'll be given the option to connect as a voice call. You cant do it anywhere. Make sure there is a check next to this category. Is there a setting on the note edge that I need to change to work around this and allow 4g mobile data (not WiFi ) during a call? Try using Mobile Data on Data Roaming, settings app > connections > data usage > mobile data > enable data roaming. Select the Phone icon on your mobile phone. Basically your phone has a radio in that is used to communicate with the network. Also, using mobile data on H+ (other sim which does not have LTE support), the connection still cuts off during the call. Using sim 1 for data and calls. Select the Options or Menu button. Turn Off and On Mobile Data to refresh network. What about cord-cutters, low-incomes, non-profits, schools and libraries that use mobile data mostly from Sprint in Wi-Fi and It's under Settings -> My device -> Call -> Call rejection -> Auto reject mode -> All numbers. When I'm on a call sometimes a friend will send me pictures or I want to be on Facebook at the same time. I have noticed this since OOS 4.0.2. The average call uses roughly 4MB. Yes, Waze will stay active and the call will also be up. The Samsung Galaxy S6 usually has data roaming turned off by default, but let's make sure: Open the Mobile networks menu from the Connections page of the Settings app. On the contrary, Mobile Data is not just for Smartphones So fixes should be completely offered as well as the sources that use Mobile Data. Using Waze or other apps at the time of a call is a bit different than with regular CDMA calls. Check the signal bars to make sure signal strength is good enough to provide data connection. The phone is Samsung Galaxy Mega. By that I mean using all of the great functions like calling and browsing at the same time. I'm using mobile data (4G) on sim 1, when someone calls the connection cuts off.