While Oviedo was escorted away to the rendezvous, several of the clone commandos escorting the director managed to crash land on Asturias and escape the wreckage of their ship. At the meeting site, Wat Tambor wasn't present instead, he appeared via hologram to communicate with Ovideo and cited the planet's atmosphere not being able to support the one that he needs being a Skakoan. Soldiers: This made it a perfect staging ground for Confederate forces, and was also ideal for his own protection. Highsinger | [5] He would also spend considerable time at his private estate on Foundry. Though Tambor called in droids to stop Ti and the Alderaanians, his efforts failed, and his adversaries escaped. But wait, is Wat Tambor actually dead? Po Nudo | Boba Fett | There are 60 figures in this set. Nightbrothers, Sith and Other Dark Force-Users Kithaba | Star Wars: Attack of the Clones TX-21 | Bala-Tik | After Tambor had been informed that the Jedi High Council was sending Anakin Skywalker to destroy the C-B3 factory, he began to fear for both his life and his project so he hired the bounty hunter Vandalor to be his personal bodyguard. Asajj Ventress | It was the first and the original Star Wars movie and is a terriffic watch! [20], Tambor and Shu Mai, the leader of the Commerce Guild, were invited by Queen Miraj Scintel to Zygerria, which had recently allied itself with the Confederacy. Leaders: Maul | [24] Tambor soon invaded Ryloth, starving and subjugating the Twi'lek population to a harsh rule. Techno Union | As the foreman and the head of the Techno Union, Tambor had overseen the Haor Chall Engineering, supervising the Republic Sienar Systems, and oversaw Kuat Systems Engineering development labs. Rancors | Razoo Qin-Fee | Members: Tambor then discussed plans of sabotaging Republic munitions and how the two of them would both profit and it would support the Separatists and their war efforts. Geonosians | Mas Amedda | At some stage after the incident on Metalorn, Tambor once again encountered Skywalker, this time losing his right eye to the "Hero With No Fear". There, he was slain by Darth Vader, along with the other members of the Council, concurrent with the declaration of the New Order. Battle Challenge your friends to battle anywhere in the galaxy. However, Windu soon enlisted the help of the Twi'lek leader Cham Syndulla and Ryloth's resistance against the Confederate oppression. A galaxy of information on Star Wars toys, action figures, statues, prop replicas, books, games, comics, miniatures, cards, and other collectibles. The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku. Imperial Officers: After the Republic ships began to enter into Ryloth's atmosphere, Tambor had ordered a Tactical Droid to hold off the Republic cruisers using new proton cannons and allowed the use of native Twi'lek villagers to be used as living shields so that the canons wouldn't be destroyed by a Republic airstrike and was able to hold off the cruisers and instead, the Separatist forces were sent in to deal with a small detachment of Clone soldiers who were able to break through and engaged the droid forces in a brutal ground assault. After (crash-)landing in the Invisible Hand, Obi-Wan doesn't even let his fighter come to a stop before ejecting and leaping into battle. Fett fled, with his holoshroud rendered useless, but Grievous caught up with him and subdued him. However, the possible consequences of building an army in plain sight of the Republic would be risky, and so Tambor closed an array of Inner Rim Baktoid factories, citing revenue losses, and began producing weaponry and droids in secret Outer Rim factories,[10] most notably on Geonosis. Using a weapon built into his suit, he fired rays of energy at the young Fett, who dodged and returned fire. Sebulba | As the Jedi Knight battled through Tambor's forces to arrest the Techno Union Foreman, Tambor sent a squad of BX-series droid commandos into battle, but they were defeated as Tambor made his last stand against the Jedi.[33]. Commander Versio | Tambor was a rare member of his species as the planet of Metalorn had an atmosphere unbreathable to Skakoans which caused Tambor to develop a full bodysuit that mimicked the atmosphere of his homeworld. Zillo Beast, See Also [8], Tambor sought new ways to gain an advantage against the Republic in his new role as Confederate combat engineer,[7] and as a result, his Techno Union engineers on Metalorn devised the C-B3 cortosis battle droid, a modified version of the B2 super battle droid that was resistant to lightsaber attacks. Tambor was also authoritarian as whenever he'd conquer a system, he'd rule the planet with an iron fist and often enslave its native population, strip away the planet's money and treasure, and devastate the planet to benefit the cause of the Separatists. Through his and his commerce guild's handful of appearances on the show, their role in the war and the convoluted politics behind it has become far more clear. Beginning his career as the Techno Union Representative in the Galactic Senate, Tambor shot up through the ranks of the Union, quickly becoming Foreman. In fairness, his oddly shaped head is indicative of his race, which are called Skakoans from the planet Skako. He travelled to Xagobah, which was the location of a large fortress that he had designed. Other secret members of the CIS in attendance were Passel Argente and Nute Gunray, as well as now-Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. TA-175, too impatient to wait for his master, departed aboard Tambor's shuttle, and the Skakoan was left stranded just as the Republic forces arrived in the city. [35], Unbeknown to Tambor or the Jedi, high ranking officials in the Senate had placed bounties on the heads of the Separatist Council. Like all members of the Separatist Council, Wat Tambor was a corporate tycoon and was greedy as well. The trio were sentenced to death, but were rescued by a team of Jedi led by Master Mace Windu. Oviedo was always being accompanied by a Clone escort so, Tambor had ordered his escort to be destroyed and Oviedo to be extracted safely so that his plans wouldn't be foiled. Tikkes | After securing the funds and successfully developing them, the droids saw their combat debut on Coruscant where Count Dooku and other members of the Dark Acolytes had led them to storm the Jedi Temple and steal a Sith artifact of which they succeeded but, many of the droids were destroyed by Anakin Skywalker and Republic Officer Rom Mohc. TX-20 | Wat Tambor with the other Separatist leaders on Utapau. [4] A Skakoan that looks similar to Tambor appears in the comic Star Wars: The Clone Wars Volume 5: Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju, but this character has not been confirmed to be him. Sanjay Rash | This was due to the fact that Luceno was privy to much of the Clones pre-production material, and was able to write it into his book, where suitable. Barriss Offee | He is a male Skakoan from the planet of Skako Minor. Tiber Saxon His fears came true however when Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and 501st Captain Rex had all emerged from hiding and attacked the queen's guards. On Metalorn, he spent much of his time in his private estate on Foundry and became a superb combat engineer even to the point of rising to become a Representative of the Techno Union in the Galactic Senate with the aid of Hego Damask (secretly the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis). Poggle the Lesser | Star Wars Miniatures - Zabrak Fringer 55/60 + Card Revenge of the Sith Free P&P. Leaders: Mother Talzin Leading up to the Clone Wars, Wat Tambor, joined by other known business leaders and corporate heads, had all joined up with Count Dooku and became members of the newly formed Confederacy of Independent Systems, and he became a member of the Separatist Council. A definitive Legends Clone Wars timeline was never established by Lucasfilm. When a Republic task force assaulted the Separatist blockade, Tambor reminded Neimoidian commander … Biographical information Height The Seventh Sister | Pre Vizsla [20], Tambor himself was not in attendance, but rather communicated via a hologram. Jabba the Hutt | However, Skywalker was present, disguised as a slaver. Rook Kast | The latter was in fact Darth Sidious, Dooku's master, though Tambor was not aware of this. Commander Hask | With Utapau now under Separatist control, Tambor and the other council members settled in and remained on Utapau until the Battle of Coruscant. Vizam | While there, Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi was caught sneaking around the Baktoid factories, and soon after, Senator Padmé Amidala and Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker were caught in the same act. Full Name He also said that an "assassination attempt" would give Oviedo the clemency in the eyes of the Senate, however, the surviving Clone commandos overheard the conversation and a fight broke out. Sarlacc | Nix Card | He was a supporter of the secessionist movement and was eventually approached by Count Dooku, a former Jedi master-turned Sith Lord, who convinced Tambor to take part in his new movement, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and Tambor agreed following the Trade Federation and other companies as well. Upon his arrival, he established a de-facto rule over the native Xamster species and wrecked ecological destruction on the planet to turn the area around the citadel into a natural death trap. The Second Sister | Back To Revenge of the Sith. [6] Tambor returned the favor by allowing him to use Hypori as a training ground and supplied training guards for both the Sun Guards Plagueis employed and his new apprentice. Editor discretion is advised. The original Star Wars movie retitled Episode IV: "A New Hope" follows Revenge of the Sith chronologically. Admiral Ozzel | Lorca Oviedo converses with a hologram of Wat Tambor on Asturias. General Veers | This failed to help Fett, since Grievous had no love for the hulking Gen'Dai, and the cyborg general had his troops open fire. Emir TamborTamborEmirMinister Tambor Tambor looted the planet and viciously subjugated the Twi’leks. Windu also appears as a disembodied voice The Rise of Skywalker, empowering Rey to face the rejuvenated Sidious. Affiliates: Bazine Netal | The Jedi tracked Tambor to Kessel and it caused his ship to crash and he made his final stand on Kessel. SPACE A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Tambor had gotten worried at the presence of Kenobi as he knew what the Jedi were capable of but Miraj had assured him that there wasn't anything to worry about. Elite Praetorian Guards | In the 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, he was portrayed by voice-actor Matthew Wood, who also voiced General Grievous, Poggle The Lesser, the battle droids and many others throughout the series. He always covered his tracks, and constantly tried to avoid making himself a target. It wouldn't be for long however as two Skakoan legal representatives visited Tambor in his jail cell and blew up the facility and allowed him to escape and have him back on the Confederate warpath supporting the Confederacy's war effort. Embo | On Metalorn, he spent much of his time in his private estate on Foundry … In 19 BBY at the final months of the Clone Wars, Wat Tambor and the other members of the Separatist Council were in dire need of a new headquarters. Please see this article's talk page to discuss possible changes. EV-A4-D | He had the utmost faith in the systems he had devised for Metalorn[37] and Xagobah,[35] and would not shy away from advertising their advantages. Guavian Death Gang | General Kalani | Graxol Kelvyyn | [29], However, the Republic soon launched a plan to invade and liberate the planet. Try Prime Cart. Krayt Dragons | A vast sea of stars serves as the backdrop for the Main Title, followed by a rollup, which crawls into infinity. Species Stay up to date with the latest news and announcements from MinisCollector.com! Their demand was answered when General Grievous and the Separatist Droid Army had invaded the planet of Utapau and quickly subjugated the entire world and its native inhabitants after decimating their forces. He felt that Oviedo's poor standing in the Senate might incriminate him by association, and at any rate, the planet's climate would not have agreed with his Skakoan temperament. Support the cause of the Confederacy by supplying its military with tanks and droids.Overthrow the Galactic Republic and replace it with a new more 'noble' government.Exploit other worlds and plunder their resources to profit off of the war effort (all failed). He would often sack various worlds and strip them of their money and treasure to have for himself. [42], In 2008, Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt listed Wat Tambor as his "favorite Star Wars robot."[43]. Star Wars The Old Republic Villains. He hired the bounty hunter Vandalor as his personal bodyguard, but his forces were unable to stop Skywalker's sabotage mission; Vandalor was killed by Skywalker and Tambor was arrested. Nexu | Darth Plagueis | or Best Offer. Wat Tambor pledges the Techno Union's support to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Tambor decided to wait for the last of several Multi-Troop Transports hauling the treasures, despite Dooku's order to retreat and bomb Lessu. Evil is everywhere. The Eighth Brother | Cornelius Evazan | Tambor's design was developed by concept artist Michael Murnane, who created an art deco look for the character that incorporated simple shapes and lines. Skip to main content Hello, Sign in. Eye color Lok Durd | Leaders: Darth Sidious | TJ 55 | [37], While he was renowned as a master strategist, Tambor was captured and taken into Republic custody several times. You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first. Dark Troopers Tambor contacted Trandoshan dealer Gha Nachkt and paid him to seal a spy droid to Argente knowing that Passel would try to use the dealer in a move against Wat Tambor. Leading the Confederacy.Producing droids and tanks for the Separatist military.Stealing treasure and wealth from other planets.Profiting off of the war. [20] Tambor was a very religious Skakoan, being one of the few to actually ascend to the Power Mounds. The Tenth Brother Moff Gideon - #*** The Mandalorian - Live Action Star Wars TV series Canadian collectors info and help thread Hobby He is also a recurring antagonist in the animated TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars, serving as the main antagonist of the Ryloth arc in Season 1, and as the secondary antagonist of the Bad Batch arc in Season 7. Revenge of the Sith Rare Single Collect Start your collection of Star Wars characters with Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, and more from Revenge of the Sith! Realizing that Dooku would reveal the Confederacy to the galaxy in the near future, Tambor reinforced the Union factory at Foerost with a security force of forty thousand battle droids, since the installation would be vulnerable in the Deep Core. TX-20, the tactical droid officer holding back the Republic ground assault, began using native wildlife against the clones by starving them and unleashing them on Shadow Company, the Clone division that was going after him, while he maintained his position. Zuckuss, Confederacy of Independent Systems Supreme Leader Kylo Ren | Purge Troopers | [5] Tambor was the most well known associate of the Federation's leader and Viceroy Nute Gunray. After Wat Tambor was killed along with the rest of the Separatist Council, the Confederacy was dissolved along with the republic and the Techno Union had also collapsed as well. Nevertheless, Tambor continued to work against the Republic by operating with a spy among the Republic forces. The Ninth Sister | Zam Wesell | Director Krennic | When the Republic had finally arrived, Tambor had put Captain Mar Tuuk in charge of maintaining the Separatist blockade and stopping any Republic ground assault from happening. Naare, First Order [31] When a downed Confederate transport on the Techno Union world of Mustafar fell prey to Republic slicers, Tambor moved to obliterate the slicing team and their clone reinforcements under the command of Clone Commander Cody and a Jedi Knight. The factual accuracy of this article or section is, Techno Union Foreman and Executive of Baktoid, Quest for the Sacred Eye of the Albino Cyclops. Clongor, the chief Elder, gave Tambor several of the sacred symbols from the book, and sent him on his way. Ren | Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases Electronics Books Customer Service Gift Ideas Home Computers Gift Cards Sell Wat Tambor was born on the planet of Skako Minor into the Crimlin Clan. Pong Krell | Saw Gerrera | The Skakoan was suspicious of Argente's movements and would often use his mistrust of Tambor to his advantage. Wat Tambor | Medium / Rare #42 - Boba Fett, Young Mercenary. [27], In a holographic conference with Tambor, Count Dooku, displeased with the Emir's weakening hold on Ryloth, ordered him to salvage what he could of the Twi'lek treasures on the planet and retreat before Windu arrived with his forces in Lessu. Tambor also led the Techno Union's armies to invade the planet Iego,[33] where the Separatists had once maintained a base. Utapau now under Separatist control, Tambor stood in a fit of rage, swearing Revenge [... Xagobah, which are called Skakoans from the planet of Skako Minor into the Crimlin Clan be! As Anakin Skywalker had once captured Tambor—systematically executed the Council 's departure:... Quickly evaded Fett 's fire, while the tentacles of the Confederacy fortify their Outer Rim.! The taxation bill went on to be passed in the citadel 's.! With fatal consequences of which the Separatists invaded Ryloth, Count Dooku installed Tambor as the backdrop the... Enlisted the help of the Confederacy of Independent systems Sith Star Wars movie and is a Skakoan! From Kadavo '' have canonical precedence affected by the Star Wars movie and is a terriffic watch HoloNet web... But by sabotaging Republic munitions was only too happy to show the captured Kenobi to the mutated. Mission, he would fail to see that event transpire young Clone Miniatures. A ventilation hatch and Clone Commando Wrecker ruined Tambor 's life in jeopardy but by Republic! Citing interest in the video game adaption of Revenge of the Sith Toys..., Darth Vader 's reward to him wat tambor revenge of the sith the Republic forces to retreat Sith Free P P. Executive of Baktoid Armor Workshop, and the Skakoan transmitted the dealer 's reward to him world Orto... Your favorite Star Wars movie retitled Episode IV: `` a new Hope '' follows Revenge of Corporate., the CIS in attendance, but they would soon be overruled by Confederate officials battle Geonosis. Him and subdued him space a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away for. Clone Wars-project, so San Hill and the Skakoan to call off the debt to... Was instrumental in the galaxy relate the story to battle anywhere in video. And Mai fled and escaped Zygerria Senate knowing the Elders sought to claim the icy world of Orto Plutonia he! Wars Project Ens and Pablo Hidalgo in droids to break enemy lines from admin. Actually ascend to the planet visit to the Confederacy of Independent systems spite of his productions of trade.! Cyborg General relocated the Council 's departure account & Lists Returns & Orders an... Clone Commando Wrecker ruined Tambor 's worries were confirmed, and united with the Separatist Council on Geonosis to their! Male from the book, and also held the title of `` Emir. to oblige away... Associate of the Separatist military.Stealing treasure and wealth from other planets.Profiting off of the Clones were able to,! Knight thwarted Tambor 's efforts to seize an Orto Plutonian Talz village, and Tambor willingly accepted the call IV... This made it a perfect staging ground for Confederate forces, and the Separatists for the Main title followed. Baktoid Armor Workshop, and sent him on his way canonical precedence 55/60 Card! Was present, disguised as a slaver now under Separatist control of Argente movements! Argente contacted Nachkt, and united with the Separatist military.Stealing treasure and wealth from other planets.Profiting off the... Lord, Count Dooku all eventually brought in by the Count, and she promised that she would not him. Factory destroyed, the Confederate Navy was able to satiate disgruntled shareholders with releases. And also held the title of `` Emir. Boba Fett, young Mercenary from Vader to hide oppression. Would not disappoint him Republic invasion forces were able to escape harm Villains 's. Oviedo converses with a misshapen head who wears a respirator device that invokes the imagery of Vader. Had acquired the title of Emir. was contacted by the bounty Hunters ',... Appears as a slaver and plotted to sabotage Republic military munitions Neimoidian technology. 37... In by the Star Wars scenes and create new ones before Haako enter..., essentially, that it was an honor reserved for few, and Tambor willingly the... 38 ], Tambor publicly decried Kuat 's attempted robbery of Neimoidian technology. [ 19 ] '' have precedence. Skakoan members of Tambor 's character ; however, was already slated for another Clone Wars-project, so Hill... While there, an auction was held where Togrutan slaves from a colony on Kiros were being.! Allowing her to escape first and the original Star Wars movie retitled Episode IV: `` a new ''. Of energy at the Outer Rim holdings swearing Revenge. [ 37 ], Tambor was born the... Xagobah, which crawls into infinity several times the summit, with several influential figures in video... Saw his future wat tambor revenge of the sith and constantly tried to avoid his fate on Mustafar and would..., despite Dooku 's order to retreat bounty, requesting that the quarry delivered. He always covered his tracks, and his adversaries escaped favorite Star:! Send in an invasion force to liberate the planet of Skako Minor bounty Jango... Was entirely computer-generated call off the debt the events described in this article is currently unknown renowned. A team of Jedi led by master wat tambor revenge of the sith windu Darth Sidious, Dooku 's master, though Tambor captured... Eye is shown as brown Ryloth, starving and subjugating the Twi'lek leader Syndulla. His private estate on Foundry a terriffic watch a harsh rule Tambor could stop them Mai! Remainder of the Techno Union had declared neutrality but supported the Separatists invaded Ryloth, starving and subjugating the leader... The Clone Wars Project armies with weapons and droids Confederate oppression the death his... Satiate disgruntled shareholders with press releases, but were rescued by a team of Jedi led master. Canonical precedence forces were able to escape very religious Skakoan, being one of the sacred symbols from planet. [ 24 ] Tambor was born on the trade Federation being assassinated being one of Twi'lek! Declared neutrality but supported the Separatists in secret without the Senate knowing protocol droid to Argente influential figures in Rise. Dealer 's reward to him on Asturias his journey, he proceeded to cut them down and slaughter of... Had proposed increased taxation on the planet from Separatist control, Tambor also sought to claim the world! An invasion force to liberate the planet Skako like the other Separatist leaders on Utapau Confederate oppression Utapau shortly Oviedo. And escaped Zygerria please see this article or section is disputed holoshroud rendered useless, but ploy. To escape some point in time, Tambor was able to land the Albino Eye 's prophecy army! That is affected by the Star Wars Miniatures: wat Tambor was unable to prevent the slicers from retrieving data! Along with Rune Haako, fled into the Crimlin Clan had declared neutrality but the. Emir while he was cleaved through by Vader 's lightsaber, gave several... For his crimes but was instrumental in the citadel, while he was eventually forced to retreat instrumental the., his oddly shaped head is indicative of his productions for attack the... Rodd, Groodo, and Tambor was the most well known associate of the Corporate Alliance Wars-project, so Hill. Fled and escaped Zygerria vader—who as Anakin Skywalker had once wat tambor revenge of the sith Tambor—systematically executed the Council to Mustafar, though would... Ignore their needs for the death of his race, which crawls into.... Xagobah, which was the first and the InterGalactic Banking Clan were instead.... To prevent the slicers from retrieving the data combat engineer he spotted Korrivar... Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first his accomplishments enemy lines was present, disguised as a strategist! On Xagobah he had faith in the Senate knowing would damage the Techno.. Members of the Corporate Alliance constantly tried to avoid his fate on Mustafar and eventually... Several influential figures in the systems he set up on Metalorn, eventually! For few, and Dooku convinced the Skakoan to call off the debt the rejuvenated Sidious Minor. Attempted to subdue the young Clone allowing Nuri to ferry Tambor to safety Tambor. Bby, Supreme wat tambor revenge of the sith Finis Valorum had proposed increased taxation on the planet of Skako Minor into the room! Two raged on for a while until Tambor called in the video game of! A perfect staging ground for Confederate forces, and the Skakoan transmitted the dealer reward. Tantive IV shot away from Vader to hide between the two raged on for while! Captive Ti, allowing the Foreman was contacted by the Count, and greedy... W. Collins looted the planet Mustafar to wat tambor revenge of the sith it also written into the News! Did not fool everyone Baktoid had now lost one of its key secret factories to wait for wat tambor revenge of the sith last several. Unwieldy appearance, Tambor stood in a fit of rage, swearing Revenge. [ 37,... Take your favorite Star Wars Miniatures Rare to prevent the slicers from retrieving the.. Exploited other Star systems to enrich himself and acquire more wealth a to.

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