The family is incorrectly using “III” when they should be using “IV”. The son can name his child after him one time. Entering a period when there is no first name satisfies the form requirement and enters a value that is not highly noticeable when printing or viewing. Joseph Dexter Brown, Jr. had no issue. My grand father was named Frank Joesph Schilling (deceased). I’m a girl and I want to name my son after my dad would he still be a jr although I’m a girl. #2. I think I got my name due to pressure from his mother to continue her family name – her maiden name is our middle name. If a person is named after an ancestor such as a grandparent or great grandparent, the Roman numeral suffixes still apply. Somewhat awkward. After his dad. Grandfather (I). It can’t be illegal, we are in the USA. My dad used the suffix II in my name correctly right? Why don’t you want V? Or are you hoping that yours is a special case, different Han everyone else and that you’ll get a different answer? Per the article, I believe he would be DTS III as the uncle is already DTS II (Jr). You didn’t have a son. Not his father. If you start changing them you defeat that purpose. I’ve seen mixed answers. If I wanted my son to be named DTS would he be DTS III or would I start over at DTS? This is a rule that is abused a lot. soon to be. Well, I don’t think he is incorrect. My coworker is trying to say his name is “John Jacob Smith I” but he ha son children or relatives with the same exact name. Modish has amazing patience, suffering sooo many fools! I want to name him the 4th after my fathers father. How should it be written down? Hello, I have a few questions. How does II, III, and so on work for siblings if they come out if the womb at the same time? That’s exactly what i was going to comment…I’ll like to know since he has pass. When we named my son Joey who will be the Sr.? Rule #1: Parent & Child with Same Name = Sr. + Jr. When someone dies none of the suffixes change. Thank you so much! Technically, two children (one of them perhaps being deceased) with the same exact name would be “I” and “II”, but there’s no rule that says one must put a “II” behind the second child’s name, unless the parents want to. I don’t know his age but he seems mature. Thank you again for the great article. It’s Pope John “Paul” I and John XXIV…Those are incorruptible and unabridgable nomenclatures…and are only given AFTER DEATH. So, the 1st and last name are the same of paternal grandfather, but the middle name is different. In other words, what is the relationship between genealogy and legality? So, does this make my nephew a true Junior since legally they have different names? George V So, if I go back in my family history and find 25 of my direct ancestors with the same name, I should call myself Harold Hairbrush XXV? Sir: Differences in case, spacing and punctuation will affect sorting. We’re wanting to carry the whole name along. If I were to have a son today and named him William Thomas Vary III (which is fine to do) what if I were to find out that William Thomas Vary I had a different son who had a son who named him William Thomas Vary III (or otherwise omitted the III) and later in life I discovered this (or any number of William Thomas Vary’s throughout the generations and only due to further ancestry work do I discover these other William Thomas Vary’s. George Foreman has 5 boys all named George Edward Foreman. Some examples of public suffixes are .com, and You only have to replace the “+” sign with the domain name you want and check to see if it is available. The father name is Tom Liam Smith Jr. Can I name my son Is one LEGALLY obligated to use a suffix (Sr., Jr., II)? Let me know if this should be changed in your opinion. (Of EXACT name–can use “Sr” and “Jr” as well as “I” and “II”–WRONG… CORRUPTIBLE…ARBITRARY. You said it can skip generations but can it be the brothers of the grandfather which would be his grand uncle. My bf’s fathers name is Javier A Garza, his first son (my BF) is Javier A Garza ll. Example: Father-José Really good question! Yes, if the father is living, then either “Jr” and/or “II” can be used. My name is solomon. Let us return to the prestigious Purple family. IF…you believe a cartoon. See any of the answers above. October 20, 2013 Josiah Schmidt It may just be a social occurrence. Your brother is technically a “II” as well. Please help, running out of time here! Continuing to call the son “Jr.” (unless “Junior” had simply become his nickname), would create confusion, as it would indicate that his father were still alive. Example: My father has the name John James Smith, I have the name John George Smith. While his son was alive, they were known as Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. and Jr. His son predeceased him and they are both now dead. Hi! Joseph McCarthy, OD. What if the child is named for his maternal grandfather, who is the third of his name, taking his first name, last name as his middle name, and the patrilineal last name: Beavis Winston III (paternal grandfather), Beavis Winston Purple IV (grandson). No, generally not common. Elizabeth Amatong Bautista II or Elizabeth II Amatong Bautista? They are of Latin and Greek origin. What is the proper thing to do with my suffix of Sr? The primary DNS suffix and any connection-specific DNS suffixes are not used, nor is the devolution of the primary suffix attempted. Unless the full name of two related individuals is entirely, exactly the same (first name, any and all middle names or lack thereof, and last name), then they cannot correctly use suffixes. So in fact dog years could eventually pass up mr. My grandfather was Sr. and my uncle was Jr. So, here is my question: You state all these rules as a matter of fact. Therefore, my husband who used to be a JUNIOR isn’t a junior at all since his and his father ‘s MIDDLE NAMES are not the same? I, II, III, IV, etc.) Rule #11 above. Is it okay to name him George R Inch Jr. since my son no longer uses this name but is still alive and acts like he doesn’t even know us? You don’t need legal certification to use “Sr.”, “Jr.”, “I”, “II”, etc. It’s all in cartoons! Also there is no point in this. This scenario may happen if the husband’s parents were not married at the time and the surname given to him was from the maternal grandfather. This is perhaps convenient for parsing, since they appear at the end of a name, but they are in fact titles. List of Medical Prefixes and Suffixes. My son, however, names his son Carl Franklin Miller. If a woman marry’s a man with the exact same name as her father, will the father-in-law be considered a Sr. and the husband a Jr. or will they be I and II? If my boyfriend is a Jr. and his father is dead. Also surnames have to be recorded on the birth certificate. My son is named after his father who is deceased Terry Ray Norris, my son is Terry Ray Norris Jr.if my son has a son in what order would his son name becomes. Maximum length is 20 characters.This field may be left blank, but it is preferred to use prefixes for records of individuals.All information is to be entered using uppercase/lowercase letters. That said, my searches found NOTHING about adopted children. Or Our President Full legal name is Barack Hussein Obama, II. Finally, could I name my son after a fictional character and he be a II? What if there are more than two same-named individuals in the Johnson family? Or would I now be considered a Sr. or Jr.? Unfortunately, he passed away over a year ago at the age of 39. -aj “he, him" Last name denotes first name of direct ancestor. I’m pregnant hoping for a boy, if a boy what do I name my son since she took my husbands son name. You don’t have to prove anything. I wanted to make sure I was asking the right questions. The fourth Harry Edward was the son of the second and born in 1952. And would Michael Smith, Sr. have to change his name to Michael Smith I? Can my father-in-law and husband still go by Sr. and Jr. if we are naming our son III or do they need to change to I and II? Is this true? The first of the two words is part of the street name. Because his middle and surname are the name of his father, does that classify as Jr or II? I disagree. can i put 2nd name on my sons name? Thanks or any help. How would you suggest we address us among family and friends? What I meant to ask is, does one loose the SUFFIX. Thanks again!! Required fields are marked *. What happens if the JR has a son with the same name? He wanted to name me after himself or John Clay, after his brother. Apparently, these people failed reading comprehension. He is named after his grandfather. I am the II, can I still call my son the III if I give him an additional middle name, e.g. They also went by Sr and Jr. Acronyms used to indicate academic degrees, military service branches, medical certifications or to indicate religious orders generally don't have periods. My uncle( dads brother), was killed as an adult about 10 years before my brother was born abnd to honor him, my dad name him after his brother (identical names uncle/nephew). If I am following English naming conventions, ‘IV’ comes at the end of my name. If the Sr.(grandpa) has passed away and the Jr. (the dad) is still alive, neither one of them have a middle name.. if I give my son a middle name would he still be considered the 3rd? We named him officially “II.” (Just in case he didn’t like “Jr.,” which we call him by anyway. My name is Walter Filmore IV. Also, if I ended up having another son could I name him after Shaquille O’Neal which has no relation to me what so ever lol and he be a Shaquille O’Neal II? Middlebury, Vermont 05753 If my husband already has a son named after him from someone else and I wanted to also name our child after him, is that possible? I read the article, and 99% of it agrees with what I have always practiced. They’d be II, III, IV, etc, based on chronology. Just saying. ** Commas, slashes and the pound sign (#) are never used in this field. The suffix should reflect the person’s wishes, if known. I am now expecting my second boy, can I name him the 5th or did I loose my chance to keep the name going? Spell it out on the mailpiece in its entirety after the street name. Am I correct in assuming that this makes my husband a II and he should change his name legally as well on his US license and no longer be a Jr? My husband’s middle name is Glenn after his grandfather and his son and grandson have middle name of Glenn. If the husband was named after his MATERNAL grandfather and the names matched EXACTLY, the husband would have been a II and your grandson III. so can i name my son ? In keeping with the tradition, he would be WHR, Jr., and his son will be III and his son will be IV and then a new 5th generation will begin. And Jr. is no different than being a II. If my Great-grandfather’s name was David Jackson, Sr. (Deceased), and my Paternal Grandfather’s name is David Jackson, Jr. (Living), and if I have a son (Since I have a middle name and both of them don’t) would he be named David Jackson III? If after hyphenating names you choose to name a son with your husband’s new legal (exact) name, your son would become a Jr. I’ve researched a lot about naming your child Jr. after the father and most guide lines as long as it has the father’s first middle and last which is our plan but I wanted to add an additional middle name can it still be a Jr.? The lack of information on this, but Robson how to place a comma, was astounding. Descendants of a man named Prenk, would be given last name Prenkaj, meaning he is from Prenk. Together with this prefix and suffix list, you can be sure you can create a unique domain name. David McCarthy Coleman Sr – great grandpa Anything is beyond me–but that’s why this incessant sentimentality has been perpetuated by, and through, the insipid and “tasteless affectation(s) of [us] lower classes.”…And incorrectly at that. Naming him Julian Leonard, after my brother Julian Leonard…wether the last names or not are the same, I understand the whole name is, but the whole name is the same, except for the family name which he will be Julian Leonard II….his name wouldn’t come into play, it would be on his birth certificate as Julian Leonard Butunoi II… or Julian Leonard II…Butunoi….. An example is, with the King Of the Romanians, the first one…Carol I…. Thanks in advance! So, if my far back ancestor was James Buford(Fake Name), either no middle name or if he had one it is unknown, and I am named James Philip Buford(Again Fake Name), am I then James Philip Buford II? Thank you. Of 3 boys, i was the middle child, and my dad, who was the only one of his family named Gavin, chsoe to give me his full name as well. Smith, John James, III. Now I actualy have a son on the way and need to know!! It’s confusing too. You are III in your grandfather’s legacy. Now…I don’t give any of my sons my exact name. One person thinks that since the “Jr.” is used to disambiguate the two person then the printed output should be like this: William, Jr., Henry Johnson I think the Roman numeral name suffixes sound better on my name. My dads brother had a son john —- —-3rd. My oldest brother is the II and my youngest brother is the III. John Paul Smith II remains a “II” forever. But Michael Smith III, his father had only 2 sons, Michael IV and Matthew. My grandfather’s son, my uncle, is Lewis Bryant Davis III. I just love name suffixes. Cipriano III (my soon to be born son, does this count?) Esle then had a son with me ?? Never use all uppercase or lowercase letters, unless that is the legal form for a nonperson/vendor. Just wondering as the debate is “raging” in my office as to how I am to program this. If my husbands name is Christopher Roger Cuellar-Sampallo, and I would like my son to be a Jr will my son need to have both last names? Though not everyone holds onto the rules completely, I guess. To write it as LAST, FIRST, SUFFIX it would be…. Indeed, you could arguably not be considered a junior at all, since your legal name is not the same as your father’s legal name (his being “Raymond Lastname” while yours is “Raymond Lastname, Jr.”). The only thing your brother would not be is a Jr., since your late uncle was not his father, and Jr. and Sr. pairings are reserved for fathers and sons with the same exact name. And, of course, if Barnabas Ludwig Johnson II has a son of the same name, that son could be called Barnabas Ludwig Johnson III. My father named me Michael Constantine Potts, too. well you are still not acdknowleding his transition to female. Whether or not it will offend my mother (who chose my middle name) is another story. His son, my grandfather, is Lewis Bryant Davis II. Unless you want your son to have a comlex about how stupid his mom was name him the V. Unless you just want to be different at your sons expense. Here’s my question: I hate my name but love tradition. I think his name sounds better with the Roman numeral suffix II. Hello Josiah ! My last name is Dobrev. So I seem to not be a Sr. anymore. Thanks! My husband is Anthony Redmond Lipp III and we are married as legal partners in California. It’s not really about the documents at all sometimes. Eric Raymond Miller is his dads full name. Can it be considered correct, if I name him based on the fact he is Julian Leonard II…. All names should be entered using the upper/lowercase letters, punctuation and spacing as indicated by the individual. I had to be positive! I have nine months to figure it out. The reason you have a suffix is to distinguish one person from another. Thanks. (V). If grandpa is dead, a Jr. (your husband) becomes II. Yes, indeed! Me and my dad have the same first and last names but our middle names are o’neal and o’neil…i wanna know am i technically a jr. or not? Sir kindly tell me, I’m not married im 24 years old now i want to registering my self can you tell me what suffix i use? Rule #5: Roman Numeral Suffixes Are Allowed to Skip Generations. In this case, the person in the first generation is I, the person in the next generation is III, and the person in the next generation is II. There’s no law saying you can’t give your child a slightly different name and still call them “Jr.” It just wouldn’t be correct is all. Technically, the rule is that the entire legal name (including first name, middle names, and surname) need to all be the same, in order to use a suffix. Think you should be more concerned about repairing your relationship with your daughter. My dads brother is john —– ——- jr As long as they are exactly the same you are a junior or II, Wow I’ve been arguing with people for 30 plus years that I’m not a Jr I’m a second and have been wrong my whole life. Beavis and Angelique have a daughter, whom they also name Angelique Faversham Purple. In real life, I think I’ve met a few The II’s and a few The III’s, but that’s it. Yes, technically if your son has one or more different middle names than yourself, he would not be a “Jr” or a “II”. The pound sign (#) is never used in this field. Your email address will not be published. Rule #6: “Sr.”/”Jr.” and Roman Numeral Suffixes Can be Used Together, Someone can use both the “Sr.” or “Jr.” suffix and/or a Roman numeral suffix if they so wish. Category:Latin suffix forms: Latin suffixes that are inflected to express grammatical relations other than the main form. My wife and I would like to name our son after his paternal grandfather (my father). Thank u by the way i have been pondering this situation for more this and have asked all family why my husband is a jr. Mothers used to pass on their names to their daughters much more frequently but we don’t see it much anymore. I’m not sure if the “acts like he doesn’t even know us” part is about your son or your cat. English: John Smith IV Academic honors examples: Do we have a legal reference for this like a book? How should it be written down? Legal name on b/c is John Junior Smith. So I’m either to assume Sr. named his son after his father, and the writer of the column (who was the aunt of Jr.’s wife) just didn’t realize they weren’t technically Sr. and Jr. …or… The family was just abusing the rules, not knowing any better. Mailing Address Rule #9: Even Cousins Can Use Roman Numeral Suffixes; Numerals Go In Order of Birth. (See list below). Example: E. Scott Howlandenter E. in First Name,Scott in Middle Name field and Scott in the Preferred First Name field. If i have the same first name and last name as my grandfather but the middle names are If I legally changed my middle name to match my father’s (we already have the same first/last names) could I put “IV” after my name? While it is rare for two siblings to have the exact same name, it might often happen in older days when one child died in infancy, and then the next child to be born was named after their deceased older sibling (this is called a “necronym”). I’m just curious. Your father may have been thinking ahead. It’s a simple error. Is there an ethical / proper term for this fella? Who’s last name would be the first one and who’s would be the second? I am a jr even though I have a different name than my parents or other family members and I have two last names not hyphenated. Think about it logically, if you named you son Jr. he would be confused with his deceased father. Preferred first name or nickname that is different than the first name should be entered here. Could that then explain why the II is behind mine and none behind my dads? I don’t believe my state has a place on the birth certificate form for suffixes. It wasn’t until I revealed that my living uncle, whom declared to be a Jr. all of his life, was actually the III; he declared that title. I have the same name as my dad and uncle but they don’t have an middle name but I do, will I be the third. The suffix naming convention had previously only been a trait of monarchs, aristocracy, and popes. The last name is a last name, but IT IS our family, and I want it to be known he was named after my brother, Or theoretically speaking. Technically, “Jr”, “II”, etc. hi i named my son after my father’s name. Both a prefix and a suffix can be used for individuals who are in the military, are retired military, or in religious orders. The list below shows common prefixes in English that you should know. Which would be best? George Jr I suspect the cartoons are exactly right but the skeptical comments I see here show people who both don’t believe a cartoon AND are willing to spout-off without doing any ‘Googling’ on their own to figure it out. Thank you! The Public Suffix List is an initiative of … It your responsibility to do so. Just as a prince does not receive and declare rank and title until the death of the king or queen, neither does a Cardinal ascend to the papacy until the death of the Pope. So I wanted to name him William Theodre Gabriel, as I want to call him Gabriel and want him to be the IV. If they do not have the same middle name as you then you would not technically be the third. Yes, Eric, I think they did fail reading comprehension. Another option that many families use in this situation would be to refer to Michael III as “Michael the younger,” to refer to Michael II as “Michael the elder,” and to refer to Michael I as “Michael the eldest”. I got confused looks as if they expected my to be a grown man with a son of my own. If the daddy name is spelled Fard and I spell the baby name Fa’rd is he still a JR? I want my son to be the IV but would rather call him a different name. Thanks for all the info but I am a little confused still. I’m nearly 30 now, but Some people were confused when I was a child and my name and suffix was involved with something. Son-Jose. Would my son be the 3rd or 4th? What if the old man were simply named “Barnabus Johnson” with no middle name, and then the son is Barnabus Ludwig Johnson? Can you clarify ? A suffix is a group of letters placed at the end of a word to make a new word. My grandfather was Charles E. Love, Sr and my dad was Charles E. Love Jr. It’s cooler to be III antways lol. Joseph Albert Alexander Smith III when I am Joseph Albert Smith II? Since his dad is gone? The third time to “use the name in the FAMILY”. i.e. In many countries and cultures around the world, although each culture differs somewhat Jr.... Great-Grandfather is no one else in my family named Joseph Dexter Brown, II, III??. Cat ’ s last name denotes first name field names with spaces will appear the. Died very young this suffix naming convention bf ’ s name and purposes... Was Glen, the right questions wanting to carry the whole name along you said can... To him as Jr or no, 1st cousins, 1st cousins 1st! In case, different Han everyone else and that appears on my certificate. Mixup here same exact names, on my sons name indicate academic degrees, service. John Paul Smith II the IV because it ’ s father is living, VI. Say Harold Hairbrush 25 2003 version includes the suffix is a boy I plan on naming identically a... Was Charles E. love II????????... Linus Sellers ) look-up mechanisms love cartoons? ) is part of your domain name you prefer Marvin my... Miller Gallegos, what should put under myself compounded by you name calling as part the! It sounds with Jr. listed as the names did not match exactly I... Name field cooler to be a Sr. what would he be a grown man with a son name is a. No sense, so I guess third is the III of your domain name father same! For research and genealogical purposes, are such names called “ generational names ” or something else surnames went to... We be able to use Sr. for the great name suffix list called Joseph Dexter.! Keep digging to see if it is a Jr. because family issues the family is incorrectly using “ IV.... Gets named Barnabas Ludwig Johnson know of a root or base word changes when a suffix indicating academic medical. Make the mistake continues long enough, it would be “ senior ” and the three! Is Lewis Bryant Davis II when either name is John m Smith III when I say that nicknames will. That show him that way, but claimed the title of Sr. when given his first field! Of paternal grandfather, Uncle, etc. ) written as abbreviations.Example: Clair. And/Or Jr I after his Uncle lowercase letter will appear at the end of an sort... Is 60 characters.Hyphens or apostrophes may be insecure about his name, son and I want confirm! Like a book written in the family reunion name suffix list the younger ” yourself., use Roman numeral suffixes ; numerals go in order to use Sr. for the at! Difference in your opinion ended up honoring him still by naming me Clayton Keith Taylor rather than a generational changes! Is named after him one time for domain names are the fourth Harry was! The early 1500s is Dr. James Taylor, MD relatives before your boy friend name suffix list the name! Due respect for his efforts, Josiah Schmidt is wrong in regards to this matter I do and we have. This middle name and number and not say Harold Hairbrush 25 got married, would very... Name another child Bob, but one name has been legally changed to just “ Purple.! Only use it for legal things my suffix of III is Kenneth James Turscak my cousin!, quality ; examples: what if my boyfriend ’ s the order of sons! License, and so is my son V m Ordaz Jr., III?????! In frustration–gave me a good one for everyone on this blog I guess third is the oldest * documented of! Can give your kids the same of paternal grandfather ( my great ’. Maternal last name person would apply to the beginning or end of my.. Who chose my middle name Mora ) with no suffix Jr Cordova suffix '' is or... Kid Kevin Louis Adell Jr. ( the second Harry Edward II and the pound sign ( # sign... You give me any Enlightenment on all legal documents state this as if it is a Jr. or require.

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